Thursday, October 29, 2009

Debt Worries

In today's economy, times are tough. Many people are scurrying around trying to catch up with bills, but they are never getting headway on their credit cards. Many times, people have to make tough choices on whether to make the mortgage payment or go hungry. As the bills mount, the creditor phone calls never seem to stop. There just isn't enough money to survive, and people are over their head in debt.

That's where I can help. When times appear their worst, don't give up. As an Experienced Licensed Bankruptcy Attorney in Columbus, Ohio, I can help guide you through what bankruptcy is, and evaluate if bankruptcy or other debt management options may help you. It is true that bankruptcy is not for everyone, but bankruptcy can provide you with a fresh start.

To examine Bankruptcy, click on the underlined link to go to my website to look at the following:
  • Chapter 7 (better known as a fresh start because if wipes out most unsecured debt).
  • Chapter 13 (otherwise known as the debt repayment plan where you pay back a portion of your debt).
I listen to people's individual situations to assess how to solve problems in an efficient manner. I try to give people hope, when the world seems dark and cold. I can be a legal guide, when all seems lost. As humans, our ability to adapt to ever changing environments has helped us survive throughout the ages. Never give up when there is still a chance.

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